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Error Message

Error Message



What would cause this issue? 


There has been an error processing your request 

The address is not in the database

Error log record number:958598261516


Thank you, 


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Re: Error Message

@jody_b - Okay i understand !! 


You are either in a default mode or production mode that is why error is logged in - log file and on the screen it showing Error log record number - 958598261516


go to the your magento2 root directory then var/report directory find the error log number 958598261516 file - open it and check what error log is there in it.


copy and paste the error log over here - so it helpful us to troubleshoot the issue.

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Re: Error Message

You have to check your error from magento var/report folder. By default, any error report generates they will find from var/report folder and edit text file with error log record number.


In your Case your report id number is 958598261516 so you need to edit your report id with 958598261516 and check which error generate, Based on that error you have got some clue to your actual issue of address not found in the database.


If Issue Solved, Click Kudos/Accept As solutions.