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Error displaying rule for configurable product 2.3.7

Error displaying rule for configurable product 2.3.7

He is the problem. 


Team that edits product change price and shipping prices but there are some configurable product with some rules that shipment is allowed for small weight up to 5kg or 5l, depending of the package. And for more then 5kg or 5l buyer must come and pick it up personally cuz we have that law in our country. Worked ok so far.


Now the issue is that he report in cart that no matter if someone buys small amount 1 or 2 kg or liters, in cart we see that this product need to be picked up personally and shipping charge is added to the price.


So far what I could see everything is ok with setting of product in admin, product that are shippable are set as this and product that need to be picked or are not shippable are set that as well. Server DB is ok too.


Has anyone have something similar or better solution for this.