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Error on exporting Advanced Pricing

Error on exporting Advanced Pricing

I'm new on setting up Magento. I'm currently on 2.4.6-p2, running on Apache 2.4.58, php 8.1, MySQL 8.0.35-cll-lve.

I have a setting of 2 Web Site, both having 1 Store View.

When I tried to export the Advanced Pricing (no matter in partial or full list), it will prompt an error as follow:

Error during export process occurred

Error during export process occurred. Please check logs for detail

I've tried to check on the error logs, on the system.log shows only a line

main.CRITICAL: Something went wrong while export process. There is no data for the export. [] []

And there's no record in exception.log or debug.log

Tried to look for solution on this and found a temporaily fix at but the file content looks pretty different to what I'm having.