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Error saving block in version 2.3.6

Error saving block in version 2.3.6

Hi I'm new to the community and Magento, I'm having a problem saving a product in Magento 2.3.6.
When modifying the product description it gives me a warning: Temporarily allowed to save HTML value that contains restricted elements. Allowed HTML tags are: div, a, p, span, in, strong, ul, li, ol, h5, h4, h3, h2, h1, table, tbody, tr, td, th, tfoot, img, hr, figure , button, i, u.

And it also says that the product was saved, but when checking the product on the page it's the same. I can only change the price and stock of the product. Name and description and other things I'm not able to save.
Has anyone ever experienced this? Could you help me, any help or tip is welcome. I thank everyone!




Estudante de Magento 2

Re: Error saving block in version 2.3.6

Please run the indexer again and check the data in the database to see which store the data is stored in. It must be saved with the store displayed on the frontend
php bin/magento indexer:reindex

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