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Exporting products to Magento 2.xx

Exporting products to Magento 2.xx

Hi everyone -


We're building automotive websites for various clients.  Some are larger manufacturers, whereas others are very small 'mom-n-pop' shops.


The data is what's called ACES and PIES XML. Some of these files have around 30,000  - 40,000 SKU's. Our basic process is to receive their data files, index them, and then export to Magento.

We're finding that Magento will only process ~ 1 SKU per second - excluding images.  Once we add images, that rate drops significantly.  This is a serious bottleneck, and we're hoping some of you might have some advice?


We need a more efficient way to export products to Magento.  Any ideas?


Thanks in advance,



Re: Exporting products to Magento 2.xx

Hi @SageKeySoftware,


Maybe you can crate your own import process with this library:

It works pretty wall and is, as the name says, fast.

Here you'll find some code examples too:

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Re: Exporting products to Magento 2.xx

Thanks Damian.  We'll likely need to do something like that. It's a serious bottleneck, and we've yet to find a viable solution.  I appreciate your help!