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Extension redirecting to dashboard


Extension redirecting to dashboard

I've installed a couple of commercial extension by uploading the zip file contents and running

php -f bin/magento setup:upgrade 

and then recompiling. I can see all the links for the extension in the left hand menu but when I click on any of them I get redirected back to the dashboard. The configuration sections are all blank as well in Stores > Configuration for each extension but I can see the menu items for them.

Any suggestions on what I've done wrong?


Re: Extension redirecting to dashboard

Try to disable extension one by one with following command

php bin/magento module:disable  Namespace_Modulename

Then remove the extension which causing the problem




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Qaisar Satti

Re: Extension redirecting to dashboard

The client had sent me the 2.0 version of the extensions instead of the 2.1 version.