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File and folder permissions

File and folder permissions


i recently updated my site to 2.2.1 using composer, however, although everything seems to be working , but i noticed di and generation folder missing . i am in production mode so i guess those folder should have been created by magento compile command.

i ran setup:di:compile command again after creating those folders manaully , did not get any errors , but folders are empty ..

any suggestion ?

var folder permission set to 755.

using SSH access , with su username command .

i m new to linux stuff , so be patient Smiley Very Happy



Re: File and folder permissions

Hi @tonysar,


Maybe you can check here about file permissions:



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Re: File and folder permissions

 HI @@Damian Culotta

Thanks for reply. 

Prior to posting , i did read those doc and i have followed the steps to set proper file folder permission on my files. 

I have added myself to centos sudoers wheel group , i have full ownership of the files and folders. 

Prior to this posting , i upgraded magento from 2.1.9 to 2.2.1 through composer, once upgraded , i notice missing stuff such as Developer from Configuration >> Advance section of admin page. 

I removed env.php , triggered setup and followed the process of setting up (reinstalling ) magento this way , missing feature now back on , but still i see di , generation folder are empty. 

At this point my store is set to default mode . before that , store was in production mode.

Things might be ok, if so , than all the doc and article i read online about magento and di , generation might be confusing me . 


Im still struggling to get my Web Setup Wizard to work , still getting 401 error , thus the Permission problems.