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Flat Rate shipping option is missing

Flat Rate shipping option is missing

From what I've seen on the web Magento 2 should have an option for flat rate shipping in


stores -> config -> sales -> shipping methods

My config -> sales ->shipping methods does not have a flat rate shipping option. It ONLY has 2 shipping methods available, Fedex and UPS, and they are available only because I enabled them in the Component Manager. Prior to me enabling fedex and ups, there were no shipping methods in stores -> config -> sales ->shipping methods.


I'm using Magento 2.0.4


I can't find any component in the Component Manager that looks like it might have anything to do with flat rate shipping.


My client only has one shipping method, a flat rate £15 per order and that's what I want to set up.


Is there something wrong with my setup? Otherwise please can someone tell me how to set up the flat rate?



If it makes any difference, I did not install the sample data when I installed magento as I didn't want to start off with lots of spurious data.


Many thanks, John.


Re: Flat Rate shipping option is missing



I could really do with someone's help to get some sort of shipping working here. thanks.