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Fresh install of Magento 2.42 loses products on front end.

Fresh install of Magento 2.42 loses products on front end.

Good Morning

Please note, the following is not limited to this installation only, it occurs on every single new installation an 2.41 installation also behaved the same as this 2.42 installation

I've installed a fresh installation using softalucuous in an add on domain.  No extensiions installed and no settings changed, it's just a virgin installation.

I've up loaded 38 products via csv import and after indexing and flushing cache via command line,  everything works absolutely perfectly...

Then after a few minutes I get a few problems relating to

1. Search some terms not returning products

2. Pagination

3. Products disapearing from categories.

The problems seem to randomly appear and if I delete items and re import then the problems don't appear allways in the same order.

After a few hours all products are missing from navigation and search.

A reindex on the command line will return the products and the cycle of deteriation will then repeat.

I think a key thing to emphasise is that after the inexing and cache flush everything intitially works perfectly, just as it should.

Thank you for reading this, my hosting company can't throw any light on this and have suggested I post on here.