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GD2 Issues

GD2 Issues


For some reason my site is giving me this error:

Error filtering template: Warning: file_get_contents(): stream does not support seeking in /home/***/*****/vendor/magento/framework/Image/Adapter/Gd2.php on line 291
And this is line 291:
return (ord(file_get_contents($fileName, false, null, 25, 1)) & 6 & 4) == 4;
This happening after I submited the 4th simple produt. Went to the front end to check it and got the error. Any ideas how to fix this?
Runing Magento CE 2.1.2

Re: GD2 Issues

So, after some testing I found out that this error ONLY shows up when uploading a .png with transparency file as a product image.

Guess I need to upload file as .jpg untill I got a solution for this.