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Google Shopping ads Channel EOL?

Google Shopping ads Channel EOL?

Just so I understand the EOL correctly: "Google Shopping ads Channel" was bundled in with 2.3.3, and it's going to be deprecated and removed?


In order to maintain a product feed for Google, the next step would be to use a third-party extension?




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Re: Google Shopping ads Channel EOL?

Hey @et_rolmos 


Yes Google Shopping ads Channel will be deactivated and removed by April 28 2020 for more information and suggestion by magento please check below post:


End of Google Ads 


Here you will find after removing shopping ads how you can continue work with other approaches. Also Please check below extension for same.

Google Shopping Magento 

Product Feed For Magento 


Hope this helps you.


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Re: Google Shopping ads Channel EOL?

Hi @et_rolmos 

Yes, you are saying right, The Next step is looking for a third-party extension that is compatible with all your requirement.
Here is a suggestion for the Best alternative for Google Shopping Ads Channel after the End of life announcement.

Re: Google Shopping ads Channel EOL?

Hi @et_rolmos,


A good third party extension that can be used to replace this gap is AdScale.


It uses AI to create and optimize ads and automate the entire process of advertising your products on Google Shopping.



  • Automatically creating a product feed and a Google Merchant Center.
  • Creates Shopping ads on Google Ads account.
  • Automated conversion tracking installation.
  • Real-time Sync between your product information and product feed.
  • 24/7 bid & budget optimization.