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Group Price inconsistent or not working M2.4

Group Price inconsistent or not working M2.4

Having an issue with Magento 2.4 with advanced pricing.


Have a number of customer groups defined, i.e (not logged in, retail, wholesale, distributor). A product may have a different price for each group and the wholesale group may have a number of specific tier prices. 


Visiting the site the customer by default sees the not logged in / retail price. (this is ok)

If the wholesale customer then logs in, they can see the wholesale price and tiers. (ok so far).


Now if customer adds product to checkout, sometimes it add the products as correct price, sometimes it adds the products as retail price (not correct).

Going into basket, and then returning to store page or homepage, product prices go back to displaying as not logged in / retail price (not correct). Even though customer is still logged as wholesale group. 


Have tried disabling extensions, themes and still have this problem. No errors as obviously things are happening just not correctly....


Any help or advice would be appreciated on fixing this as have been going around in circles for days with this and am close to abandoning Magento altogether