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HTTP 500 Error When Saving Configurable Products

HTTP 500 Error When Saving Configurable Products

Currently, anytime we create a configurable product with more than 100+ variations (we run a print shop, some of our product variations can number in the tens of thousands given all the options) the product will attempt to save for a moment then we receive a HTTP 500 error. Upon going back to the admin panel and to the products again, some of the associated simple products will be generated, others will not.


I've thought this was maybe an issue with php limits (memory, execution time, etc), but I've modified all of these settings and we still can't seem to get around this issue. I've heard of people having configurable products with thousands of options, yet we can't create one with even a couple hundred before Magento crashes.


Any input/advice in solving this issue would be greatly appreciated.


Re: HTTP 500 Error When Saving Configurable Products

Hi @codestr 

Try to remove the .htaccess file from your Magento root folder and then try to load your website in the browser.


If it doesn't give 500 internal server error after removing the .htaccess file, then there must be some PHP version issue or any server configuration is missing.

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Re: HTTP 500 Error When Saving Configurable Products

Removing the .htaccess file does throw a server error, as one would expect.


I don't think its a configuration issue as much as it's a resource issue somewhere.


We only have issues when trying to save/load a large dataset. It will attempt to post/get the data, then crashes before the request ever finishes and delivers the 500 error in the browser window.


Sometimes it will hang up the server to the point I have to restart apache or the php-fpm pool just to get back into the admin.