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HTTPS is not working and REDIRECT error

HTTPS is not working and REDIRECT error


I try to change my http domain to a secure https domain.
This HTTPS domain is not the same as the HTTP; the HTTP domain is a local ip address and we routed an global URL to the same server.

So the files are the same, but the URL is different.

The problem i'm experiencing is that the front-end is not loading any css or js files, because the files are loaded over HTTP.
Also the admin link is giving an ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS, so this is not accessible at all.

To be sure everything is loaded over HTTPS, i also changed the unsecure_base_link_url to HTTPS, but the files are still loaded over HTTP.
Magento is running on an Apache server, behind a ngnix loadbalancer.

I tried a ton of solutions on the internet, but i still cannot manage to fix this.

Thanks in advance,



Re: HTTPS is not working and REDIRECT error

You have to make sure that your load balancer forwarding HTTPS proto to your Magento instance:

Check in you LB nginx config that you set:


proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Proto https;