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Hello world! need help with product display

Hello world! need help with product display


I have been working as an eCommerce Web Assistant since last 4 months. I'm in the process of building an eCommerce website for our company on xampp using magento 2.1.12. I'm new to magento platform and I'm learning while I work here. Eventually, this website will be hosted on AWS.


Coming to the point, I had entered a few products couple of months back and everything displayed perfectly all this while. As I was progressing, I installed a few extensions such as BSS COMMERCE and SOLIDE WEBSERVICS for Product label and Slider respectively. I will add more extensions as I move ahead. Now, when I try to add more products, it neither displays in the respective page nor makes the other products display in the home page except an error message " We're sorry, an error has occurred while generating this content." I have followed the same steps that I followed before. If I remove newly added product, everything gets restored as before. I have cleared cache. Index management looks green. I am unable to figure out where I'm going wrong. I am not experienced with a lot of coding. It would be nice if I could get help with this. Our eCommerce team is pretty small and I'm the only one to take care of our site.I would really appreciate your help!


Thank you!






Re: Hello world! need help with product display

For Install Extension in Magento 2, You need to run below command using SSH from your project root,

php magento setup:upgrade
php magento setup:static-content:deploy
php magento setup:di:compile
php magento indexer:reindex
php magento cache:flush

If still error occurs, Kindly check your log from var/log/system.log and var/report/reportid

If Issue Solved, Click Kudos/Accept As solutions.