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Help with Google AdWord Tracking!

Help with Google AdWord Tracking!

Newer to Magento and still figuring out how the backend of things work, specifically with Google AdWords/Analytics tracking. Having some major issues with the tags becoming randomly inactive. 

A few questions that may be completely juvenile, but like I said, still figuring out Magento's admin side of things and have some questions/need some help!

1) Am I adding the code to the right spot?
I'm adding the code/tags (Global and the Event snippet to) to System > Configuration > General > Design > HTML Head > Miscellaneous Scripts .... this is where the Purchase Conversion tag should be, right? 

2) What should the "transaction_id" be?:
How should I be customizing the "transaction_id" portion of the event snippet to only track the purchase conversions? feel silly asking simple questions like this - but I'm more accustomed to having the ability to add snippets to specific pages, rather than to the site as a whole.

3) Our Google AdWord conversion tracking was working for some time and then...
Conversion tracking had been installed and working completely fine (i.e: firing properly and remaining active) for many months. Then it randomly stopped firing and Google labeled the conversion tag as inactive in March. We attributed it to some website updates that had been made, reinstalled the tag and it worked fine for about 8 days (although the total conversion value did seem super high and "off"). Then, without any notice, it became inactive again. We've had plenty of purchases every day, so I'm not really sure what's going on. Anyone else have this issue?