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Hi all, i hope you can help.

Hi all, i hope you can help.

Hi all,


My question is touched on in my other post but I wanted to start a new topic to focus on something I would like to know.


As per the above post, I am seeing extremely slow speeds when importing products into my test VM Magento 2 instance. Obviously, I am aware that this is a low-spec VM, but still, I would not expect any CentOS/MariaDB based system to take over 8 hours to import 77,000 records into a DB. This seems insane.


I would love to know how long it's taking you guys to import products on average. If you could advise a brief overview of your server spec and typical import duration vs quantity of products that would be very helpful to gauge whether what I am seeing is normal/expected or whether my system is massively ill-configured.


Thank you!