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How to Import Images ?

How to Import Images ?



I am trying to learn how to import images in Magento 2.


I have read the instructions, however I do not understand Two small items.. Format of the CSV and how to actually import the images.

The instructions here :

explain very clearly about where to put the images.


Question 1 - Format of the CSV

Step 2 gives a little image of the CSV file.  Is there a definition somewhere?  Are there only A thru G?  Is there an example of multiple images for 1 SKU?  It says "If importing multiple images for a single sku, insert a blank row below the sku, and enter the additional image file names in the appropriate columns. ".  An example of this would help me.


Question 2 - How to Import.


Step 3 says "Follow the instruction to IMPORT the data.

The link takes me how to import products.  I want to import the images.  The drop down in Import for Entity Types has options of

1)Advanced Pricing


3)Customers and Addresses (single file)

4)Customers Main File

5)Customer Addresses


There is no option for Images.  Which one do I choose?  Am I looking at the wrong screen.


Thanks in advance.




Re: How to Import Images ?



1) I have tried to import multiple images to Magento 2 putting image names (with .jpg) in additional_images column and separated them with comma.

You can check tutorial and format example:


2) In file should be image names and images itself you have to put info directory pub/media/import on your server


3) You can use Products (second option) as it means upload pf goods and related to them details.


Hope it helps.

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