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How to allow multiple developers work on integration code at once?

How to allow multiple developers work on integration code at once?

We're in an interesting situation, WE (Shipwire) are building an integration that allows merchants who have their own Magento2 instance allow Shipwire to pull and ship/deliver their orders.


Currently, we're trying to add functionality to the integration and running into a small hurdle - we need to have multiple people working on different pieces of the code at once. At this time, it seems that the integration creates a one to one connection between our test Magento2 instance, and a user account on our side. The downside of this is that if User A sets the integration to connect to their account, and User B later updates the integration to connect to their user account, then it bumps User A off. 


How do others handle these kind of situations? Is the best situation to try to get developer-specific instances of Magento2 installed on our local machines, or to spin up individual instances of Magento2, one for each user? In addition - it would be great to be able to clone or image that instance (with settings, items, storefront, website, store, whatnot) to allow replication, but we don't see an easy way to do that at this time.


Is there another solution that we haven't thought of?