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How to relate two configurable products

How to relate two configurable products

Hello Everyone,
This is my first time that I am setting up a Magento and I looking for a lot but I could not find the answer.
I have install Magento 2, and this is what I am trying to do:

- In the catalog show products models of a products and all colours of them. Ex. Gandini Midnight and Gandini Light Brown, they are same Model, different colour.
- Into the product you will se that there is an Dropdown List that you will find all de variations by Colour.

How do they do that? Which type of product do they use?

Thank you very much!
La madrilena


Re: How to relate two configurable products

Hi @la_madrilena,


That implementation isn't full out-of-the-box (becasue the URL is changing when you choose the other product) but you will be able to to something pretty similar using Configurable products (products with Variations) and maybe using too Configurable Swatches if you want to show colours or textures as image instead of dropdowns.

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