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Images not displayed after upload


Images not displayed after upload

I have a new install of magento and it will not display any image I upload.

Its Magento ver. and I have made sure all the patches have been installed.

If I just want to upload an image and show it on the home page the place-holder text shows but no image, I can put a border round it and have the correct size, roll over, but they are all blank squares with no image.

If I create a product and upload an image, it says it uploaded it ok but nothing displays beyond and empty box in the create product page, it says to 'roll over for preview, but the box vanishes when I do, if I open it the empty box comes back and vanishes on roll over.


Flushed the cache - no difference.


I wanted to change the homepage logo and over wrote the logo.jpg file - fine.


But and file I try to add it ignores, if I ftp a file and select it - same problem, file permissions on the folders 777, no difference.


Any ideas??


Re: Images not displayed after upload - Solved

I found that it was the .htaccess file in the media folder, I ##-ed out the whole file until I found the culprit.

Re: Images not displayed after upload - Solved

You posted this in the Magento 2.x forum instead of the 1.x forum.