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Import/Export Product Records - Password Issue

Import/Export Product Records - Password Issue

Hello Magento Experts,


(initial note  - I am not technical so I could be easily bamboozled by very technical replies Smiley Happy ). We have a set a username and password to protect our work in progress website, and this appears to be causing problems with our ability to send product records to Magento via an API from our stock control system. Does anyone know if there is a workaround to this? We could restrict our website by IP address instead, but password is easy beacuse we dont have to keep adding IP addresses of people who need access. 


Not sure if anyone has hit up against this befoer - its not a tragedy if there is not - we could always add in an IP restriction as a workaround/back up but it would be nice if we can keep the passwwor don for now.





Re: Import/Export Product Records - Password Issue

Hi Louise.


It is an interesting problem but by definition you are trying to stop external services from accessing your website. We have similar issues here as well and the way we resolve it is by having the password for general purpose access but also adding IPs to an allow list if we require callbacks etc from other services. For example, SagePay.


Because it is a stock control system, would the IP change that often anyway?




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