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Indexing issue

Indexing issue



I am trying to build a site in Magento 2 using XAMPP on a Debian machine and one of the entries needs a reindex.


I haven't been able to find in the documentation the differences between of updating by schedule or updating by save.

So I assume that updating by save should update it when content is saved, and updating by schedule should be done through cron.


I can't setup cron here and I wanted to run magentofolder/pub/cron.php to update the indexes. However my XAMPP installation won't let me even after commenting these lines on .htaccess on the same folder.

## Deny access  to cron.php
#<Files cron.php>
#	order allow,deny
#	deny from all

I restarted the server and no go.


Besides that, are there good resources on learning Magento 2? I am doing a course on OSTraining, however it seems to fall a bit short since they only have one course for Magento 2 at the moment (althought eventually they will probably add more)




Re: Indexing issue

Any idea?