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Integrate Magento with SAP

Integrate Magento with SAP


Can you please suggest How to integrate SAP system with Magento? can we use SOAP request? if so how the authentication will be handled. 

will the integration from Magento cloud to SAP on premise is possible? if so how the authentication or connectivity needs to establish.


Please suggest. Thank you. 


Re: Integrate Magento with SAP

APPSeCONNECT is by far the best in integrating SAP B1 and Magento.



• Fully bi-directional and automatic sync between your systems
• Most in-depth integration with the touch points
• Out of the box Integration features
• Easy personalization as per your business requirements.

I have used it myself and it works perfectly. Here is their Inetgration link: Integrate SAP B1 and Magento