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Issue with Configurable Product Import

Issue with Configurable Product Import


I'm actually trying to import a configurable product made of simple product.

I'm generating both of them together in the same .csv file.

I followed those links :





I need to use configurable_variations and configurable_variation_labels, this is what I did but it's not working, when I import the file products are generated but if I go to the configurable product settings I can see he has no Child products...


Here's the .csv file i'm trying to import :


Where "Taille" means "Size" and "ham_size" is my attribute_code.


I took screens of the products in BO :

- List of products ( Simple and Configurable ) : products.PNG

- There is no "Configuration" in my Configurable product Settings : noConfigurationCreated.PNG

Also,  I cannot Search for my configurable product, he's set on "Catalog, Search". I can access to the product page with the URL key but cannot add it to my cart and dont show the size (seems obvious).


Before importing this product I imported few Simple product and it's worked very well...

So my problem really come from the Configurable product.


If someone know how to resolve my problem or sees an incoherence please let me know, it's my first time import configurable product on Magento 2 and nobody else did it at my job.


Thanks for your time and you help.