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Issues with filtering the quantity(_and_stock_status) attribute

Issues with filtering the quantity(_and_stock_status) attribute

Magento version: 2.3.5-p1
Magento edition: community


Hello to everyone,
I've an issues in filtering the products into category via the quantity_and_stock_status attribute.
I don't know if this problem existed even before, because the customer has requested this only now.


The issues: when in frontend select the quantity filter on in stock and the size filter on any of the values, products not available for that size are still shown.


Steps to reproduce:
under stores -> attributes -> product

go into quantity_and_stock_status and then Storefront properties -> Use in layered navigation
select Filterable (with results) and Save attribute


Now repeat last action for size attribute to make it Filterable (with results).


Re-index and clean cache if necessary.


Go to a category of frontend and select with filters Quantity -> in stock and Size -> any of the values.
Will be shown configurable with simple that don't have the selected size in stock.


Has anyone had this problem already?

Thanks and happy holidays!


Alessio Margelli