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Layered Navigation issue

Layered Navigation issue


I dont know whether this is a theme issue, smile elasticsuite module issue or my stock import plugin, but i would appreciate a point in the right direction.

I have product attributes set on pretty much all my products and i have the smile elasticsuite module installed as the built in elasticsearch was not good enough for me.

My stock import module sets most of the attributes, but there are a few i set manually, however this should not affect things.

I have reindexed and flushed the cache but this problem still exists.


If i search for a product the results page currently doesnt show the attributes dont show in the layered navigation to narrow down the search. This did happen for a short time but now it has stopped and nothing has changed apart from importing stock (which happens daily/weekly).


On the category page, the attribute labels show, but no actual attributes show until i refresh that page and they appear, then if i select one attribute, lets say colour for example, then the remaining attributes go back to being blank again until a refresh.


Obviously a customer is not going to refresh the page after selecting an attribute so this is an annoying bug. Has anyone come across the same thing and can point me in the right direction?

I am using magento 2.3.3-p1, it is the latest version my stock import plugin can support at the moment so updating magento is not currently an option. I am using Porto theme.


Happy to provide store url if required to see whats happening.




Re: Layered Navigation issue

I have sorted this now. It was because of the Mageplaza Layered Navigation module that is installed with Porto theme. Even though it was disabled through the admin panel, disabling/uninstalling the full module was the answer