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Links can be purchased separately set to 'true' after csv import

Links can be purchased separately set to 'true' after csv import

This is not a problem that will negatively effect most Magento users, but it's currently killing me because we have customized how Magento handles Kit products (we sell digital versions of bundled software and the only way to get it to work was to modify the Kit feature so we could package separate download products, each with their own auth code/download link at a set price).


For each download product, there is an option to set "Links can be purchased separately" to 'true' but we have set ALL download products on the site to 'false'. However, for whatever reason when I import a .csv file via System/Data Transfer/Import all is well, until we discover that all our download links have been changed by Magento.


I've looked extensively in the csv file (which was originally exported from Magento) and cannot find anything that would change this value.

I see that there is a ‘links_purchased_separately' value in ‘eve_attribute’ database table but cannot find a way to set it to 'false’ as a default value, which would fix this issue since I could run a query after import as a workaround.


That said, I think this is a bug. We are on version 2.4.0 and prepping to jump to version 2.4.3 this month, but I wanted to post this in the event nobody is aware of this bug yet and can offer some helpful advice in the event 2.4.3 does not fix it.


Thank you!