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Login page and dashboard not displaying properly

Login page and dashboard not displaying properly

We are new users and have been able to login without a problem, our site is due to be launched this week and we seem to be able to login ok on a MacBook, but as of yesterday, trying to login on PC and Ipad, have only got a skeleton login page and then when logged in, a list of directories and subdirectories down the lefthand side. Previously this all worked fine with normal login page and dashboard etc visible.


I have taken advice and tried, IE11, Chrome and Firefox, deleted cookies and history, tried with McAfee on and off, firewall on an off, all to no avail. The irony is that using the same url, it works fine on the MacBook. Cannot seem to find a way into any direct tech support (UK) and getting desperate, since site is due to go live and products only partly loaded.




Re: Login page and dashboard not displaying properly

Are you able to share the URL here so that we can take a look at it? 


Does it work with any browsers in the Mac or did you just try it with Safari? 


A screenshot of the problem will be very helpful as well. 

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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