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MSRP Pricing option not available

MSRP Pricing option not available

I have the MSRP options turned on but I'm not seeing any options to edit a product's MSRP.


Re: MSRP Pricing option not available

How does the «Minimum Advertised Price» («Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price», «MAP», «MSRP») feature work in Magento 2?

Re: MSRP Pricing option not available

Hi Dmitry,


I often visit for quick references and analyses of different Magento php classes and methods to see their traces prior to rendering and I find it very useful.


I'm replying to this post of yours as you are also a Valued Contributor  and I think you may help to improve the current Magento misunderstanding that caused the MAP to be misinterpreted as the MSRP which are two completely distinct attributes. As a developer and store manager this situation really affects us and we are currently planning to build our own real MSRP extension to replace the wrong behavior of the Magento one if this is not quickly resolved. I'm sure that a very large amount of stores are currently experiencing issues integrating their MSRP due to this mistake and most won't necessarily claim it on forums or even know what to do about it. Your help would be very appreciated regarding this confusion and your support may push Magento to release a solution faster.


Please refer to my previous response here:

Magento 2.1 fresh Install Missing "MSRP" from Advanced Pricing

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There was my response (initialy posted on GitHub):


As we are also experiencing issues related to the new "MSRP/MAP" in Magento 2, I would like to add some facts.
First of all, this was a huge mistake - MSRP and MAP are very different. The only part they have in common is that they are both privided by the manufacturer.
These are both descriptions following my personal knowledge, which is how it actally is.
MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price)
A *suggested* price that has been set by the manufacturer to identify the resale value of its product in a specific market. This usually indicates the highest price (value) at which a product can be sell and most retailers will sell below that price. Most regular prices or any defined pricing subcategories in different markets will base their calculation on this price. These rarely change, mostly only when there is market/dollar fluctuations or when a specific product depreciates.
-Highest selling price
-Helps retailer determining the selling price
MAP (Minimum Advertised Price)
An *imposed* lower price limit which depending on the manufacturer's policy will prevent the retailer to advertise or even sell a product below the set MAP. These are more often changed by the manufacturer to control the balance between the saleability/profitability of their products while preventing a loss of value due to unfair, overly aggressive and destructive pricing/advertising strategies. This allows to stabilize the market for their products and it also prevents ruining the brand image. These policies can be specific and can apply to one or both online and brick and mortar commerce.
-Lowest selling price
-Prevents retailer pricing abuse
For more details, both are described in Wikipedia
As many other retailers and suppliers, we do rely on these distinct functionnalities to operate our businesses and I'm affraid that this huge mistake will prevent us from switching to the new Magento 2 plateform. I think that in 2016 both MSRP and MAP should be well understood by and completely integrated into any reliable shopping cart.
We hope that this will soon get resolved.