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Magento 2.1.12 Cannot switch store anymore

Magento 2.1.12 Cannot switch store anymore



We upgraded from CE 2.1.8 to CE 2.1.12 yesterday using SSH (composer). Our website has 2 stores (EN and TH). If customers try to switch language from English to Thai or vice-versa, the same page is reloaded. This was not happening previously. Homepage is not affected, but all other pages are.


Looking in the Network tab of Chrome, there's a 302 redirect with "pub/static/version..." as Initiator. I've tried clearing static files and deploying them again, but the problem persists.


Example page: (try switching to Thai)


Any help appreciated. Thank you.


Re: Magento 2.1.12 Cannot switch store anymore

I have exactly the same problem on my magento 2.1.12. Was all good with the previous version, but doesnt works anymore with 2.1.12. 


js, did you had chance to find a solution ? 


You can switch store from some pages (in your website from register fe), but not when you are browsing products... 


that's really annoying