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Magento 2.3 - Elastic Search 5.2.2 & CentOS 7

Magento 2.3 - Elastic Search 5.2.2 & CentOS 7



Looking for some advice.


I was trying to implement elasticsearch on my development site almost ready to go live.


My hosting company installed elasticsearch 6.6.2 which isn't currently supported by Magento. 


When trying to install v 5.2.2 onto our server this was their response. 


"the system shows the service as running, however there are no running services on TCP/IP ports 9200/9300"


This obviously isn't right. 


Amasty state that their extension works with v6+ but i'd obviously don't want to shell out on something if it isn't necessary. 


Are my hosting company missing something, or is there a fix to get v6 to run.


Thank you all in advance.