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Magento 2.3 FedEx not generating Shipping Labels

Magento 2.3 FedEx not generating Shipping Labels

Can someone confirm if Magento 2.3 and FedEx extension have conflicts?


We already have the production account provided by FedEx on our staging site.


1. Checkout page is generating shipping rates - OK 

2. Showing Multiple Shipping Methods based on the allowed options on the backend - OK

3. Generating Shipping Label - ERROR


Update: Images below are showing error messages:


1. Invalid Description for clearance for package 1.

2. International Details CustomsValue - Invalid Currency, unit Price, invalid currency in commodity 1, Customs Value - invalid currency in commodity 1.


FedEx confirmed that: There is no restriction with our account that would cause the below errors. It seems the built-in app within Magento has some limitations.






We are torn whether look for a way to make this built-in feature work or install a new extension. FedEx does not support 3rd-party extensions even the built-in Magento 2 FedEx ext.