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Magento 2 API with Payflow

Magento 2 API with Payflow



I am Testing Order Place API with Swagger.


Its successfully Working fine with Purchase Order and Check money.


now, I am checking with Payflow Pro and Payflow express than its giving an error.


I am checking with Payflow pro and giving me and error


message: "Invalid account number"


here is my request which I have passed in swagger


        "user" : "****",
        "vendor" : "****",
        "partner" : "paypal",
        "pwd" : "****",
        "verbosity" : "HIGH",
        "BUTTONSOURCE" : "Magento_Cart_Community",
        "tender" : "C",
        "trxtype" : "A",
        "createsecuretoken" : "Y",
        "CUSTIP":"Local IP",
        "securetokenid" : "4a2dd2d5f4cabb9fdd8a590f2ce0bc5a",
        "silenttran" : "TRUE",
        "firstname" : "fname",
        "lastname" : "lname",
        "street" : "address",
        "city" : "Greer",
        "state" : "SC",
        "zip" : "29650",
        "country" : "US",
        "shiptofirstname" : "sname",
        "shiptolastname" : "slname",
        "shiptostreet" : "address",
        "shiptocity" : "Greer",
        "shiptostate" : "SC",
        "shiptozip" : "29650",
        "shiptocountry" : "US"

and i got below response


'result' => 
   array (
    'result' => '23',
    'pnref' => 'A1X0AC170F0A',
   'respmsg' => 'Invalid account number',
   'result_code' => '23',

I have debug more than 1 day but not able to find any solution.


also i have check with Payflow Express with API but not able to work.


If any one know how we can set Payflow pro and express request parameter for place an order with api. please let us know.










Re: Magento 2 API with Payflow

Hello @ketan panchal,


I'm not sure about it but there is a something credit card number issue you can check here

Let us know if you still got an issue.


If my answer is useful, please Accept as Solution & give Kudos

Re: Magento 2 API with Payflow

Hello @gelanivishal


I have set up sandbox on local server for Pay-flow pro and express.


I have used same credit card details on checkout pages and its working fine also, Place an order for same but while i am trying with an api its giving an error.


Did you know which are request parameter we have to send Payflow with API?