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Magento 2 Advance reporting 404 page

Magento 2 Advance reporting 404 page

Magento 2.3.2 Advance reporting is not working.
I have checked cron is working fine and the data file is generating in the media/analytics folder when the cron runs.
Also checked there are no multiple-currency orders.
Please help me to solve it.


Re: Magento 2 Advance reporting 404 page

You can follow the below steps : 

Step 1
. Make sure that you have met all the functional requirements. You have a public web server, SSL certificate, established Magento, and enabled cron.


Step 2. Log in to your admin panel and navigate to System > Extensions > Integration.


Step 3. Check the Status of Magento Analytics user. It should be active.


Step 4. Click on the Reauthorize button and, in the opened pop-up, provide access to API resources by clicking on the Reauthorize button.


Step 5. Check the list of Integration Tokens for Extensions and make sure that it is complete. Next, click on the Done button.


Step 6. Then you will see the notification that your Magento Analytics user is successfully reauthorized. After the next update of the reports that you have scheduled, you will see the result.


Also you can prefere the below link: