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Magento 2 Emails not send

Magento 2 Emails not send

Hi guys, we are in the process of building a site on the Magento platform.

We are nearing the end of the work and we come to a problem.

Not a single email on the site is working, from password reset to order confirmation emails.

Test email with SMTP works. All basic options are set.

The only thing is that we are not sure if the Cron Job is set up properly.

We went through all the guides on yt, google and magento community, but none of them solved our problem.

Is there any person who could take a look and help us solve this problem.


Thanks in advance.



Re: Magento 2 Emails not send

Hi @aleksaapop727a ,


1) Please check Store => Configuration => Advance => System => Make sure - Disable Email Communications is set to No


2) Login to ssh and check cron by crontab -l command.

Check more information from here:


3) Check and verify all sender and receiver emails.


4) Check exception and system logs from var/log folder after particular activity.


Problem Solved? Accept as solution!


Hope it helps!


Ankit Jasani