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Magento 2 - Localhost after setting production mode


Magento 2 - Localhost after setting production mode



yesterday I installed a theme in the hosting server (not localhost). 

The site was up and running fine. 

I set developer mode and maintenance 

unpacked the files added the files to database.

I think I did upgrade and cache flush 


went to /themesetup all checked right but when click next install it gave an error. stayed in 0%.

I went to another browser and saw the website was online and even had the new theme. working. So I though it was ok!


Then I tryed to enter admin and it said wrong user and password. so I thought let me set it in production mode. When I did that the website went down it says

This localhost page can’t be found

REMEMBER THE SITE IS NOT in my PC is in a  server online.


Things I tried:

empty var folders,

enable back developer mode,



cache flush,


I mean I have no idea now, one moment the site is ok then it went down. and nothing am doing in command line seems to work. 


Please help!!



Re: Magento 2 - Localhost after setting production mode



So did you deploy your static content after compiling it? Run the following in CLI to deploy static content: 


php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

I hope that will fix the issue. Report back if it doesnt

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Re: Magento 2 - Localhost after setting production mode

When it was in the step of INSTALL I noticed some modules from previous installations I thought I had deleted them. 

I ended up wiping the whole hosting and reinstalling again.

then adding the theme. 


thanks for your help.