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Magento 2 URL Redirect (301) not working


Magento 2 URL Redirect (301) not working

I am trying to redirect account creation to account sign in. I create customer accounts in admin panel instead. However attempting to redirect using Magento's URL Rewrite module is not working for me.


URL Rewrite: Custom
Store: Default store view
Request path: customer/account/create
Target path: customer/account/login
Redirect Type: Permanent(301)


Upon clicking "create account" in the store, it doesn't redirect to sign in page.

I am using Google Chrome and also tried with Safari. I have cleared my browser cache, reindexed and cached Magento but to no avail.  Am I missing other configuration to make this work?


Here's a photo of my configuration:



Re: Magento 2 URL Redirect (301) not working

I was not able to redirect using Magento Admin Panel but instead, I included this line in .htaccess in root magento directory:


RewriteRule customer/account/create http://<mydomain>/customer/account/login [L,R=301].