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Magento 2 backend so slow compared to 1

Re: Magento 2 backend so slow compared to 1

Hello @overlap818 

1. Clear Cache

Although this point is more than obvious, it is worth checking out in any case. One more way you can speed up your Admin as well as optimize the performance of your Magento store is by enabling cache.

This will allow the system to retrieve those items that have been accessed earlier. Not to mention that clearing your cache on a regular basis can greatly save you time for execution and your memory space. If you don’t do this regularly, you’ll end up with a lagging website.

There are numerous types of cache in Magento as well as options for clearing it. Go to your Admin Panel, then on to:

System > Tools > Cache Management

In the Cache Management area, you will see the different cache types and their status (enabled, disabled, etc). Here you can also manually flush the needed cache or, optionally, consider adding a cache plugin for these purposes.

Furthermore, you can also make use of Redis to handle your caching.

2. Review Installed Extensions (Remove Unused Modules, Optimize Utilized Ones)

3. Clean up Outdated, Unused, or Hidden Products and Categories

4. Fine-Tune Your Reindexing Operations

To do that, go to:  System > Index Management.

5. Opt for Themes that Are Lightweight

6. Switch to the Latest Magento 2 Version & PHP Version

7. Enable JavaScript File Merging

8. Make Sure Magento Runs in Production Mode

To know about how to speed up magento2 in details please refer to the following link :-

Hope this will help you!

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Re: Magento 2 backend so slow compared to 1

In Magento 2, you need good server like: cloudways, a2hosting etc. These hostings are specially for Magento. 

Also check you have enabled the production mode and cache. Check varnish cache is enabled in your server. That will also boost your store/admin.


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Re: Magento 2 backend so slow compared to 1

thanks to both of you. I can't see anything on the list that hasn't already been tried by my developer.

Hosting is with cloudways - front end speed scores well on GT Metrix.

Cache is redis.

The issue is the orders page. It's always about 20 seconds to load - I could cope with it if you could leave the tab to do something else while it loads, but when you leave the tab it stops the page loading. You can come back after a 60 seconds and it still won't be loaded.

M1 was never like this so it must be something specific to M2 that causes this. I don't hold out much hope - the tax bug that was in M1 and M2 is still outstanding after a decade!