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Magento 2 modes

Magento 2 modes

Hi guys,


I'm new to Magento 2 development but have learned quite a few.

However I'm still having problems with switching modes.


My scenarion is this:

1. I install Magento 2 from my shared hosting CPanel / Softaculous Installer. This installs Magento in default mode.

2. I modify "symlinks" to "copy" in app/etc/di.xml

3. I setup cron jobs in CPanel. They work properly.

4. I login and set magento to minify css / js files and adjust aditional settings.

5. I change to production mode in app/etc/env.php

6. I deploy static view files


After the last step, when I load the frontend or backend, I end up with a bunch of 404s in my browser console saying that magento can't find css / js files.


Also, I need some advice on activating a module while in production mode. Do I run Web Setup Wizard or is there another way?


I think there is a workflow with exact steps that I'm not getting yet.

If someone could point me in a right direction regarding these matters, I would greatly appreciate it.