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Magento 2 page builder responsive design

Magento 2 page builder responsive design

We are creating the static pages with the help of Magento 2 page builder the layout and markup elements are displayed as per the padding and margin setup from the page builder.

The same padding and margin is getting applied on the tablet and mobile view also and it does not look good on those views.

How to override these limitations of the page builder in order to provide best responsive design based by overring the page builder CSS?


Re: Magento 2 page builder responsive design

Its so sad they did not make a proper page builder, so alle elements can be adjusted to mobile and tablet view Smiley Sad

Re: Magento 2 page builder responsive design

  allows users to create visually appealing and user-friendly pages that can help increase sales and customer satisfaction. It offers pre-built controls known as “ “content types” for creating content by dragging and dropping.

There are different types of Magento page builders available, including visual editors, drag-and-drop builders, and code editors. Each offers unique features and advantages, depending on the users needs and skill level.

However, choosing the right page builder for your needs and following best practices are important. This includes keeping a consistent design and branding, optimizing page loading speed, testing and measuring performance, and staying up-to-date.

Re: Magento 2 page builder responsive design

Here are a few options to override Magento Page Builder padding and margins for better responsive designs:

1. Create a new theme extending Luma or Blank and add custom CSS overrides for padding, margins, etc targeted at mobile or tablet breakpoints. You can override the generated CSS from Page Builder.

2. Alternatively, create a new module with a frontend layout XML file that loads a custom CSS file with responsive overrides after the Page Builder CSS.

3. Use the "Add CSS" panel in Page Builder itself to add custom CSS that will take priority over other styling. Target based on device width.

4. Enable server-side Less compilation in Magento and create a theme with a _extend.less file containing mixins for responsive paddings/margins.

5. Create custom responsive containers as new content types in Page Builder using CSS classes and grid system. Add your content into these.

The key is identifying the generated selectors for padding/margins and providing more specific CSS rules to override the defaults. This gives you full control over responsive styling without being limited by Page Builder's base CSS.