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Magento 2 products temporarily visible

Magento 2 products temporarily visible

Im wondering why everytime I do the command setup:di:compile and reindex + flush the cache my products are visible but after a couple of days the site says: We can't find any products matching the selection. Is this a known error? And how to always show products on the site? This happens every couple of days ( that they disappear) Any help in the right direction would be great!
Thanks in advance.


Re: Magento 2 products temporarily visible

Hello @barrybffs 


Depending on the version you upgraded from it might be a missing stock source/default. Can't check right now but you should find two menu entries under shops or system.


With Magento 2.3 a new feature called Multi Source Inventory was introduced. After an upgrade from a prior version you need to set a source and a default stock. So the settings I mentioned can be found under Stores > Inventory > Sources. Here you need to configure a source. Under Stores > Inventory > Stocks you need to apply default stock to your website.

It may also require a reindex.


It may help you!
Thank you

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Re: Magento 2 products temporarily visible

Hi @barrybffs ,


I have faced similar issue because of Elasticsearch.

Because of some process load or server resource usage, Elasticsearch went down and when you do flush/compile again that process killed and Elasticsearch again get required space of operation.


This could be the reason. Please check server logs and discuss with server support team.


Hope it helps!


Ankit Jasani