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Magento 2 spinning wheel of DEATH

Magento 2 spinning wheel of DEATH

I cannot be the only one having this problem. Running Magento 2.2.3.

Most of the time works ok but every now and then on the desktop and almost always on the mobile version, I hit the spinning wheel of death at checkout. 


I can get to the cart fine but then click Proceed to Checkout and it looks like it's loading in the background but you just get the never ending spinning wheel. If I clear all browser caches and restart and try a few times, I can get it to go to checkout.

Is there a way to disable this ajax **bleep** and just make it load the page or show an error.

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Re: Magento 2 spinning wheel of DEATH

Hi @mousepad


okay i understand - but for this spinning wheel issue - there should be a multiple reason for this .


Here i am sharing github link where this issue is actually reported and couple of solution is given by users -


That might help you , also another reason is speed of server - as you mention when you clear cache and do all the stuffs , it is working - so it might be depends upon server speed as well.


still to debug more - share a error log with us , also check browser console and share its details with us - that might help us to troubleshoot the issue.


Hope it helps !!

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