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Magento Admin System Backup Question

Magento Admin System Backup Question

I'm not sure what I should see when I go to the backup link in the Magento Admin, but what I am seeing is this error:


Item (Magento\Framework\DataObject) with the same id "146451096_db" already exist

Item (Magento\Framework\DataObject) with the same id "1464105968_db" already exist

then a bunch (104) more lines (here are the top 4):

#0 /var/www/vhosts/ Magento\Framework\Data\Collection->addItem(Object(Magento\Framework\DataObject))
#1 /var/www/vhosts/ Magento\Framework\Data\Collection\Filesystem->loadData(false, false)
#2 /var/www/vhosts/ Magento\Framework\Data\Collection->load()

Everything else in the admin panel appears to be working fine.  I had similar errors on all admin pages when I first upgraded to 2.07 from 2.04, but updating permissions seemed to fix those errors. 


Would appreciate some help in fixing this.




Re: Magento Admin System Backup Question

I'm got the same error (Magento 2.0.10). But I notice something.

  1. If I create a system backup in the backend, I'm not able to roll it back. It crash silent (no output anywhere)
  2. In the console info:backups:list the backup is not listed (so setup:rollback failed)
  3. In the console, a backup with (--code --db --media) will create a backup which is listed in the console.
  4. After this backup, the backend will show no backups at all. Showing the error message mention in Giftized post.

Thanks for help,


Re: Magento Admin System Backup Question

how the Backup from the Magento administration panel?
I have problems with my back up DB via phpMyAdmin (does not work the sql file import).
Are similar those conducted by Admin?
How they should be carried out and how you can recover?
You can download locally on your PC? How?
If anyone has a suggestion to be able to download copies of the local DB (how?) On the PC and then they can be reset (how?) As an alternative to phpMyAdmin Thank you very much!
Thanks so much.