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Magento Readiness Check issues

Magento Readiness Check issues

Fresh installation of magento 2.1.3 or 2.1.4 is working perfect, readiness also all passed,


But after installation from Web Setup Wizard, readiness check not detecting any settings, see below screenshot,


Tried level best to setup cron job, followed all the instructions but still not working,,,


Please HELP...




Re: Magento Readiness Check issues

Can you verify your crontab settings? Log in to your server via a Terminal program and as the magento user, run the following command:

crontab -e


If you've configured your crontab correctly, you should see output similar to the following:



These commands all run once a minute in this configuration, which is the recommended interval. 

Re: Magento Readiness Check issues

Try enabling development mode:


Via SSH: 

php magento deploy:mode:set developer