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Magento Swatches Problem

Magento Swatches Problem

When the user "chooses" a color. Then they click on the main image or title of the product, they go to the standard product page with the default color. (instead of their chosen color) This is bad user experience. (especially on mobile as the swatch is lower on the page )


When you click in layered navigation on a specifc color. "It adds a  ===> "?color=4" tag after your main url.  and Shows all items with id4 color selected.

Then when you click on the product to go to the product page, it goes to the default one.


So what i'm trying to do is to add that =>> ?color=4 tag "in the link url of the image and the title. 


so it should be


after the color is selected from layered navigation or "manually". 


I hope you understand what i'm trying to do.