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Magento Transfer issues

Magento Transfer issues

Hello all,


Nice to join the great community. We have just transfered the shop to a new server.

We got a backup file from the previous company , installed all necessary files and databases and start building the config. I got many errors which i passed like disabling modules etc.

One of the issue that i got is about the theme. I suspect that something was wrong with the theme so i manage to clear the db from the other themes but i still can't make the shop work.

I got an error which is that


Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 90 seconds exceeded in vendor/magento/framework/View/Design/Fallback/Rule/Theme.php on line 78


Any suggestions to help me around?

Thanks a lot



Re: Magento Transfer issues

Hi @ipdigital 


Looks like there is an issue with the theme as it should never take more than 90 seconds to render, however you may be able to increase your PHP max_execution time to a longer value and hopefully this will either let the theme do what it needs to do or at least generate an error that we can try to debug with you.

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Re: Magento Transfer issues

Hello Stuart,


Thanks a lot for your help. Yes i will do that definitely and will let you know if i get any other error.

Thanks again for your time.