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Magento and ERP / Warehouse management systems - Noob questions

Magento and ERP / Warehouse management systems - Noob questions



The company I work for is thinking about building an open source Magento shop. Currently we have a custom/bespoke website and database built by a provider that we are leaving. 


At the moment I am trying to get my head around how Magento will work alongside an ERP. 

Our ERP does all warehouse, logistics, sales, accounts etc. and also covers ebay, Amazon, email etc. so we'll be using Magento purely for displaying items on the website with a cart / checkout that links to the ERP. We want customer data to be stored in the ERP, and the website will need to display stock availability source from warehouse data in ERP.


We want everything to be run through the ERP as it currently is (albeit on a different platform). The ERP does have its own website, but we do not wish to use this at it is a bit restricted, but we know therefore that products can be set up in the ERP and pushed the website, made live etc.


So, my question is, would most Magento web developers (who are good with databases etc) be able to get the ERP and Magento talking to each other so that we can create products in the ERP and send these to the website?


Or will will just be setting up SKUs on the ERP, and then allowing Magento to access this data, and then manually setting up product listings within Magento?


We have around 2000 products that will need to be migrated across, and these are a mix of stand alone products (SKUs) listed on the website, and products with options, so multiple SKUs.


I had a play on a demo site and saw that it is easy to set up either a stand alone product, or a product with variations, and in the demo site, SKUs could easily be added to the listing.


Maybe all SKUs will need to be exported from the ERP into Magento whenever new ones are created to achieve this? 


We are not sure yet if we are getting an in-house developer or going to an agency. We're in the UK, so open to suggestions for both. Ideally, we'll probably want an agency to develop the website and then an in-house developer to help manage the development and then maintain it after launch. We will be hosting it ourselves on a UK based web server that supports Magento. 





Re: Magento and ERP / Warehouse management systems - Noob questions

@jonbey Hi, are you still looking for help with this?

Re: Magento and ERP / Warehouse management systems - Noob questions

Not here, no. We hired a company to deal with it, and bought Magento Commerce instead.