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Magento v2.1.5 quick search bar is not working for SKU’s

Magento v2.1.5 quick search bar is not working for SKU’s

Magento 2 community hello:


Magento CE 2.1.5

Ultimo theme


Our customers typically search/find our (computer) products by Manufacturer name and/or SKU.


  • The Magento quick search bar is not working for SKU’s.

For example, SKU: CP-8845-K9 – not being found.


  • In Advanced Search, we have yet another problem. SKU being found, but found products are not being listed. All we see is: 4 items were found using the following search criteria SKU: CP-8845-K9 – (but no listing of actual products.)


  • We are experiencing similar issues when searching by Manufacturer in Advanced Search. Related products are being found but are not being listed. This occurs on some manufacturers, yet some manufacturers do list OK… very strange.


All products/categories have been created with identical parameters.

We have checked over and over that attributes are set correctly as searchable.

We have re-indexed, cleared caches, etc., etc.

Any suggestions?


Are we forced to install a 3rd party search extension, to get something so basic to work?


Thanks, GSH2000 – Los Angeles USA 






Re: Magento v2.1.5 quick search bar is not working for SKU’s

Hello Magento Community


I have an almost identical issue with a B2B site.


Magento 2.1 CE

Ultimo Theme.


In my case, product codes are 3 or 4 characters: i.e. tc1, tc23, ra14. wa34, etc, etc

Product codes are how those in the industry search for products.


We installed Search Pro Extention, but it did not make a difference.


Search does show results when regular words are entered, but not the product codes.


To test if this was a specific site issue or a Magento issue, we just completed a fresh install of Magento 2.1 on a development server, added products as they are listed on the live site and are seeing the same problem. 

Anybody know if this problem is being worked on by Magento developers?


Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 4.25.01 PM.png