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Magento2 REST API Custom Cart with Braintree

Magento2 REST API Custom Cart with Braintree

We are trying to integrate the magento2 with a custom cart for an app we are making, however we are stuck in trying to place the order (we are creating the cart, with items, quantity, and shipping method)

From the magento2 documentation this should be done with a POST to /payment-information but the rest is unclear in terms of the contents of the request.

From the braintree documentation in order to use the drop-in UI to tokenize the card information we need a clientToken which our server should generate, however we cannot find the endpoint which returns that token for us.

Can someone point us to a code snippet or example of the checkout process using braintree or give a high level overview of how to go about getting the necessary information to place an order for /payment-information


Edit: Just for reference I see here it is described that the clientToken (along with other info) is added to the global variable window.checkoutConfig.braintree. So I am assuming that there is no REST call exposed to get this information?